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Opinion piece: Nutritious Cooking Inspiration from Knorr WFD

Sharing recipes and imparting cooking skills can be an innovative way to help people eat healthier.

Unilever’s nutritionist

Although this is not yet an extensive scientific study, there is some emerging evidence that supports the idea of developing cooking skills as a force for good in the fight against public health ills.

At Knorr, we believe it all starts with the ingredients. We are always looking for the best way to provide not only great flavour but natural, fresh, and healthy ingredients – allowing you to create quick, delicious, wholesome, and filling meals that keep your family happy and well-fed.

With the launch of our Knorr Naturally Tasty Naturally Tasty line, we’ve gone a step further. We have worked with our chefs to scour the Knorr What’s For Dinner site for some of your favourite recipes to make them healthier.

We have packed them with more delicious vegetables, filling whole grains, and healthier fats, made some lighter, and have found simple swap-outs to make our dishes even more nutritious. For us to declare these recipes as healthy and nutritious, they need to meet our internal Highest Nutrition Standards criteria as per our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

Join us on our journey as we add more delicious recipes and visit the nutritious cooking inspiration page on Knorr What’s for Dinner.

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