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Swap This For That

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Ingredient and dish substitutions can help transform many recipes into more nutritious versions, whilst adding more flavour to the foods you enjoy. Learn more about simple swap-outs to transform some of your favourite dishes

Swap This For That

    Eating more fibre holds many benefits for your overall wellbeing, especially in maintaining the health of your gut.

    • One of the simplest changes to make is to replace white pasta or rice with wholewheat alternatives.
    • Add a handful of cooked lentils to a cup of white rice to increases your fibre intake in a delicious way.
    • Swap lentils for beef mince for a vegetarian twist of this family favourite.

    Lower carb is the new buzz word in eating. Whilst carbs are a very important source of energy in the diet, those who want an occasional carb-light meal do not have to miss out on delicious meals.

    • Try swapping pasta with baby marrow noodles
    • Replace normal rice with cauliflower ‘rice’ and feel the change first-hand.
    • Cook your quiche without the crust for a lighter take on this favourite dish.

    South Africans do not eat as many vegetables as they need daily. High in vitamins and minerals, adding as many vegetables and fruits to the diet as possible can help keep the body well-fed.

    • In stews or curry, add grated carrots or baby marrow. Add mashed pumpkin or spinach to pap. Hidden veggies for all the fussy eaters in the family, young and old!
    • Swap butternut for normal potato for additional vitamin A, fiber, and a lower GI. – You’ll add plenty of colour, flavour and nutrition.

    Fats like fish oils, vegetable oil, and seed oils are great for health, however, it’s not always easy to get these into your diet. Start adding these healthy fats to your diet.

    • Mix in chopped seeds with breadcrumbs and use this as a crunchy topping for your pies and roasts instead of normal breadcrumbs
    • Swap red meat for pilchards and oily fish packed full of good fats.
    • Replace cream in recipes with plain yoghurt. Alternatively, go for half milk and half cream.

    Add flavour with up to half sugar in recipes, add spices such as cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg, or flavorings such as vanilla or almond extract for natural sweetness.

Download (PDF 859.94 KB) Swap This for That Infographic.

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