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Tasty Hydration with Zero Calories

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The natural benefits of green tea have been proven again and again over many generations, so why haven’t you given it a try yet? Introducing Lipton Green Tea, which naturally contains flavonoids and zero calories to keep you hydrated and feeling fresh!

Tasty Hydration with Zero Calories

Flavonoids are a diverse group of phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables and are responsible for their colour. Flavonoids are associated with the nutrients found in plants that hold many key health benefits. Flavonoids are thought to help keep your cardiovascular system healthy. If green tea is consumed with no sugar or milk added, it is an excellent source of hydration.

Known to have less caffeine than filter coffee, green tea contains theanine, which makes it perfect for a gentle mid-afternoon ‘pick-me-up’, with more flavonoids than 3 cups of fresh orange juice, 2 red apples and 28 cups of cooked broccoli.

So, do you need any more reason to try it out? Boil a kettle of fresh cold water and let it cool slightly. Add your bag of Lipton Green tea to a cup first before adding your freshly boiled water so the leaves can unleash their delightful flavour. Brew for up to two minutes for a blissful and rejuvenating cup of green tea.

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