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Crafted by Perfume Experts

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Comfort is the fabric conditioner trusted globally, offering a range of variants like Comfort Easy Iron and Comfort Bright Whites, and known by local names like Drive and Yumoş in certain markets. Since its UK launch in 1969, Comfort from Unilever has consistently delivered exceptional fabric care and long-lasting freshness.

Experience the power of fragrance

Our unique concentrated formula means you only need one small cap of Comfort for irresistibly soft clothes and a fragrance that lasts. This concentrated power of fragrance comes in a smaller, more convenient bottle, using less plastic and reducing our environmental impact.

But Comfort Concentrate Fabric Conditioner does more than just soften and freshen. It cares for your clothes by protecting their vibrant colours, maintaining the shape of your favourite garments, and making ironing a breeze.

Release bursts of fragrance with every move

Experience the power of fragrance with one wash. Comfort's delightful fragrances, developed with Encapsulated Fragrance Technology, infuse your clothes with freshness that lasts and lasts. Micro-capsules of fragrance penetrate deep into fabric fibres during the wash, bursting open with every movement to release a wave of captivating scent.

Discover the Comfort Core Range...

Morning Fresh Awaken your senses with this invigorating blend, leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean all day long.

Pure Enjoy the comforting feeling of clean laundry with this delicate, hypoallergenic fragrance, perfect for sensitive skin.

Elegance Surround yourself with an air of sophistication with this luxurious, long-lasting fragrance that exudes confidence.

Uplifting Infuse your day with positivity and energy, with this bright and cheerful fragrance that will leave you feeling revitalised.

Comfort Perfume Deluxe

Elevate your laundry experience with Comfort Perfume Deluxe. This exquisite range, crafted by perfume experts, combines exceptional fabric care with captivating fragrances inspired by the latest trends in fine perfumery.

Contact Unilever about Comfort

If you have any questions or comments about Comfort, please visit our contact page.

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