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Close Up

Tooth paste for Fresh Breath

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Closeup Toothpaste for fresh breath and white teeth.

Launched in 1967, Close Up is a clear gel toothpaste containing a mouthwash and micro whiteners to ensure long-lasting fresh breath and white teeth. It is sold in Brazil, Asia and South Africa, where it is among the most popular oral care brands and is positioned as a youth product.

Confidence counts for a lot. A hell of a lot. It’s like 98.67%* crucial when you’re out to get what you want. Whether that be landing your dream job, getting the girl, getting the boy, or even becoming a crime fighting super hero. So go ahead and use your smile as a weapon.

*Unscientifically calculated and verified by absolutely no one.

Product info

Check out our products! We’ve got a range of highly awesome toothpastes that offer all manner of results for stronger, whiter teeth and extra fresh breath!

Deep Action

For fresh breath and white teeth.

It’s fresh. Really fresh. Really really fresh. Yep, Closeup Deep Action gives you 3 x fresher breath*. In fact, it’s so fresh it’s got us thinking that it’s a pity we don’t make other stuff. For example imagine 3 x fresher bread, orange juice, or car fresheners. Just saying. Either way, this is some damn fresh toothpaste that will leave you with such fresher than fresh breath it’ll pretty much transform you into a totally amazing, no-holding-back, confidence-oozing machine.

Try Closeup Deep Action Red Hot, or Cool Breeze for 3 X fresher breath*!

*difference in malodor reduction after 4 weeks versus non-zinc toothpaste.

White now

For instant Whitening

As the name suggests, White Now doesn’t hang around. It's impatient like that. “But what makes White Now so special?” we hear you ask. Well, we consulted our science guys and they say it’s “formulated with Blue Covarine”, which is a kick-ass teeth whitening technology, and what’s more it's proven to make your teeth look instantly whiter, after just a single brushing. Yeah, one. One! That's ecstatic!


For Long Lasting Fresh Breath

Fire-Freeze marries a mad red and blue gel which causes a distinct warming sensation that works to cool your breath. Its unique Dual coloured Toothpaste gives you dual sensation with its warming and cooling gel that helps fight germs that cause bad breath and gives you intense cooling that lasts! It sounds a little strange, but trust us - it works insanely well. In addition, active ingredients deal with awkward odour-causing germs to provide an even intenserer cooling sensation in a most excellent fashion. Meaning you get some seriously long lasting freshness.

Crystal frost

For white teeth and fresh breath.

An intensely fresh and powerful gel toothpaste that will make your teeth sparkle*. It’s crystal frost formula helps whiten teeth and make each brush an extra strong blast of icy-cool freshness. So whatever the day may bring, start it with Crystal Frost and harness the ability to put out that icy cool vibe… whenever and wherever.

*movie star teeth ping plus sound effect included.

Got questions? We've got answer

And here’s the bit where you find out the answers to your oral hygiene queries. Think of us as your agony aunts and uncles, here to make you feel more confident about unleashing that smile of yours. So calling all you grin-shy people, sufferers of closed-mouth-smile-syndrome and outright smile phobia out there, don’t keep wondering about the dos and don’ts of teeth related stuff… find out all there is to know right here.

How do I get whiter teeth?

ANSWER: This is a very common question. After all, we’re all after a brighter, white smile. Well there are many ways to achieve this. On a day-to-day basis, brushing and flossing will help keep them looking good, and using a toothpaste such as Closeup White Now will make a big difference and within a single brush too. We’re pretty proud of that! Also try Closeup Crystal Frost, but if you prefer a professional alternative, you can also consider professional cleaning by your dentist.

What's the safest way to get whiter teeth?

ANSWER: The safest way to whiten teeth is a professional in-dentist teeth whitening. This is because dentists use a special dentist formula which is far more powerful than products that are available over the counter, and because of this these procedures tend to be a bit pricey. And they are the experts! For effective and less pricey whitening… use Closeup White Now or Crystal Frost!

What causes bad breath?

ANSWER: You know you might have bad breath when people start to shirk away or offer you a mint as a not-so-subtle hint! Bad breath (also referred to a Halitosis) is more common than you’d think – many people have it without realising it. When you don’t brush and floss regularly, bacteria accumulates on the bits of food left in your mouth and between your teeth, causing odour. If you’re a smoker, this can also contribute to not-so-fresh breath!

How do I fix bad breath?

ANSWER: If you floss and take good care of your mouth but still get bad breath, it’s probably a bacterial problem. Using a toothpaste or mouthwash that removes germs is the answer you’re looking for. One such product that happens to have both (conveniently for you) is Closeup Fire Freeze …it’ll provide long lasting freshness, so instead of shying away, people will be getting closer.

What are the best treatments to avoid plaque build up?

ANSWER: It’s of paramount importance that you use products with a combined fluoride and ingredients to help fight the build up of plaque. Regular brushing with such products, combined with intensive flossing, will guard against all the nasty plaque such as Calculus (hardened plaque which sticks to the teeth), Gingivitis (inflammation of the gum) and general gum disease (infection of the tissue surrounding the teeth). All well worth avoiding, we’d say.

What makes teeth yellow?

ANSWER: Often, even though your teeth may still be very strong and ultra healthy, they may not provide that bright, movie star worthy smile you want. That’s because over the weeks, months and years stains can gradually seep on to your teeth surface. Certain bacteria, smoking, certain foods and excessive consumption of tea and coffee could be the main culprits. So grab yourself a Closeup Crystal Frost for extra whitening power, and say ‘no’ to the yellow stains. Plus for instantaneous whitening results Closeup White Now, which will make your teeth instantly whiter, like… now.

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