Knorr sustainability partnership fund

At Knorr, we understand sustainable sourcing is a journey of continuous improvement and not always an easy one.

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These challenges demand special attention, which is why we are demonstrating our commitment to sustainable sourcing and to you through the Knorr Sustainability Partnership Fund.

The aim of the fund is to support you and your farmers on complex sustainable agriculture projects which you may be unable to tackle alone. Knorr will invest 50% of any agreed project budget, matched by an equivalent investment from you and/or your grower. This will enable you to try out new ideas and accelerate implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.

Our scope

Worldwide suppliers

Our investment

Each year we will co-invest* 1 million Euros with our suppliers and farmers in knowledge and equipment to accelerate the implementation of sustainable practices.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Bring new knowledge to the industry
  • Bring suppliers together in a region to tackle a specific issue
  • Are carried out in cooperation with credible universities / NGOs
  • Deliver a positive return on investment for all stakeholders
  • Are relevant and interesting to consumers of Knorr products and provide tangible stories

Our conditions

  • Suppliers and growers should be in legislative compliance with their local laws (e.g. safe storage of pesticides / fertilisers, labour, health & safety, farm workers rights)
  • Applications should be made by Unilever’s direct supplier, but can be made on behalf of a grower or group of growers working for that supplier
  • Evidence of an equivalent investment by the Supplier or grower should be provided
  • Regular data recording in Quickfi re (MuddyBoots) software and a Sustainable Agriculture action plan, developed following relative gap analysis, must be in place
  • The maximum investment made by the Knorr Sustainability Partnership Fund in a single project is €100k
  • Financial benefits resulting from the project shall be shared equally between the parties investing
  • A full report of the project must be shared with Knorr at the end of the project. The full report is the applicant’s responsibility
  • The decision on whether Knorr invests in a project is taken by Knorr alone
  • Knorr reserves the right to publish details of the funded projects and/or names of the suppliers / farmers leading the projects. Any reference to the projects intended to be made by the suppliers / farmers needs to mention Knorr as the supporter of these activities

Consumers around the world want reassurance that the products they buy are ethically sourced, responsibly made and protect the earth’s natural resources.

We want Knorr consumers to feel confident that our products deliver on that commitment by sharing with them the great work our suppliers and growers are undertaking to become sustainable.

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