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The DTI applauds Unilever investment as an example of how business should be done.

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In December last year, the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) presented the Investment Promotion Award to Unilever South Africa on behalf of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Says Unati Speirs, Agro-Processing Business Unit chief director in the Department of Trade and Industry: “We nominated the company’s Indonsa factory in Durban, because it reflected the world-class standard of investments being made in South Africa, most notably assisting government in greening the economy, empowering communities and investing in sustainable agriculture.

“This is Unilever’s largest investment in the world, and much of the investment has gone towards making the plant environmentally sustainable in relation to carbon reduction, water neutrality and zero landfill.

“These are the sorts of projects we need to empower people and create sustainable employment. As the DTI, we contributed financially to the establishment of the plant, and realised that this was a model of how business and manufacturing should be done. What was created as a consequence is an example of what an ideal manufacturing environment should be, where growth and the elements of sustainability are meshed.”

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