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AXE has grown up quite a lot over the last 32 years.

Lynx can close up

We’ve all come to know AXE as the brand that championed the average guy - being the witty sidekick in the dating game. But AXE has come of age now - being less about the girls, and more about the guys who use it - making AXE more in-tune with its target market.

In South Africa, we know that local stars and celebs drive our market’s aspiration across style, fashion and confidence. This insight helped us define what they find attractive, and what they would engage with.

And so AXECESS was born - A lifestyle platform built with AXE men in mind

Joining the AXECESS community opens up a world of can’t-be-bought experiences for guys, providing members with an exclusive passport into the latest and most happening music and nightlife scenes.

After all, AXE men aren’t outsiders. They don’t do general admission

They’re VIP-entering, invite only, “I’m on the guest list” men.

They’re the life and soul of an epic night out. They’re not the brother who misses out. AXE men aren’t rejected, refused, bounced or blocked.

AXE men Get in.

AXE men get AXECESS.

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