Unilever brands reign supreme in Icon Brand Survey 2013

For the second year in a row, Unilever continued to rubberstamp its positions as a leader and producer of iconic brands in South Africa.

At this year’s TGI ICON Brands™ Survey on 19 July 2013, held in Johannesburg, Unilever clinched six titles in various categories proving that the company’s commitment to providing products for South Africans across the spectrum is paying off.

Unilever clichéd two awards in the brands with Iconic status division, while a further two Unilever products were regarded as “Almost Iconic” and “Platinum” Brands.

Overall, the company won in 7 different categories (category winner) and was leader of 1 category (sample sizes were limited to award formal category winner status). The Iconic Brands awards went to Robertson’s and Sunlight, in the Herbs and Spices group and Dishwashing Detergents category.

Other brands such as Rama, won in the Margarine and Butter categories, while Knorr dominated in the Soya Mince and Stock / Powders categories.

Shield received two awards in the women’s and men’s deodorants respectively, while the Sunlight brand was the overall winner in the dishwashing Detergents Category. Dawn Body Creams and Lotions won the Male Personal Care category. Out of 8000 brands, only a total of 30 reached ICON status, and a total of ten were handed out at the awards ceremony which was attended by about 200 guests in the FMCG, services, banking and media industries.

Maria Petousis, the director of the Target Group Index (TGI) which conducted the study said: “From a South African perspective we have to ask ourselves which brands unite us as a nation, which brands are used and loved by South Africans across the age, income, and race and language spectrums.”

Petousis explained that ICON brands were defined by a common, daily experience in South Africa which assesses which brands our fellow citizens were committed to buying. They literally put their money where their mouths are, she highlighted.

These are the brands that South Africans would even seek in other parts of the world, added Petousis.

Paul van Gendt, the consumer and market insight director of Unilever said the company was very proud to have brands that have been awarded ICON status in this year’s survey.

“We strive to make a better future every day, with brands that help people feel good, look good, and get more out of life. We aim to delight consumers with phenomenal product experiences and brands that exceed expectations. Consumer endorsement, through awards like this, gives us confidence that our brands are resonating in the hearts and minds of consumers,” said a jubilant Gendt.

He added that Unilever was extremely honoured to have Robertson’s Herbs and Spices selected as an Icon Brand winner for the second consecutive year.

“From humble beginnings over 85 years ago in a warehouse in Durban, to S.A’s first Billion Rand Spice Brand, we have stayed true to our brand essence of The Spice People. We are a brand that appeals to all sectors of society,” he said. “Receiving the Iconic Brand winner for Sunlight Liquid Detergent was confirmation of trust from consumers”

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