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From its early beginnings as a fragrance for sporty men, Brut has evolved as the definition of masculinity in the South African Deodorant market. Refined, sophisticated and mature, Brut is truly The Essence of Man.

Men’s fragrance brand Brut was launched in 1964; in 1973 the now well-known BRUT 33 was launched as an everyday cologne. Brut products range from aftershave and eau de toilette to deodorant, anti-perspirant, shower gel and gifts. It is available in the UK and Ireland, France and South Africa.

Bought by Unilever in 1992, Brut is seen as the definitive masculine brand in the South African deodorants market. Much loved by SA men everywhere for its distinctive and long-lasting fragrance, Brut is also instantly recognizable because of its iconic dark green packaging.

Brut comes in 5 variants distinctive fragrances Original, Musk, Spirit, Alaska & Code.Brut Cologne deodorant is a classic masculine fragrance of uncompromising quality & timeless style.

Brut is actually the French word for dry, but it is affectionately pronounced 'brute' by our pragmatic South African men!

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