Our local leadership

Our South African leadership team biographies provide additional details about our key personnel across Unilever South Africa.

Hein Du-Toit

Hein Du Toit

Information Technology Director Africa

Jeni Hall

Jeni Hall

Beauty & Personal Care VP Africa

Darryn Bassa

 Darryn Bassa profile image

Customer Development VP South Africa

Stacey Grant


Consumer & Market Insights Director Africa

Anthony Mun-Gavin

Anthony Mun Gavin

Foods & Refreshments VP Africa

Jennifer Cromie

Jennifer Cromie

Research & Development Director Africa

Keegan Alicks

Keegan Alicks

Beauty & Personal Care Director Southern Africa

Sydney Musekiwa Shoniwa


General Counsel Southern Africa

Shamiel Randeree

Shamiel Randeree

General Manager Ice Cream

Nathan Palmer

Profile of Nathan Palmer

Marketing Director Home Care, Southern Africa

Akesh Bansee

Akesh Bansee

Finance Director Southern Africa

Antony Segal

Antony Segal

Foods Director Southern Africa

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